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FMXWorld started in 2007 as a small private initiative by two diehard fans as an independent project to unite FMX fans around the globe.
Right now fmxworld.com is now the largest FMX Community in the World with over 15.000 active members, 25.000 FMX pictures, 1.500 videos and averages about 40.000 unique visits a month.
The video platforms on youtube & freecaster.tv between them have more than 1,5 Million views of the self produced clips and we are proud to operate the Nr.1 freestyle motocross fan page which is also extremely popular among riders, organizers, photographers, and filmmakers, who find a stage to promote their own activities.

So far so good…, but what is FMXWorld as a company?

Based on the great success of fmxworld.com Robert Seeger (AT) & Oliver Schran (GER) founded a Vienna based company to deliever an extraordinary marketing service for the core sport industry.
The company is actually a network of specialist that provides only customer specific solutions for the youth market.

Through the expierence and credibility of each team-member we can help clients to achieve their most ambitious marketing goals and stratigic communication objectives with a personal touch.

We work as an network of freelancers and we are not an agency!

This fact guarantees our clients cost effictive, personal solutions as we have almost no operation costs.
Through our worldwide network we can provide all core sport specific marketing & PR services. Our goal has always been to provide strategic counsel, creative solutions and timely, responsive services.

Right now the FMXWorld is extremly bussy supporting the needs of customers like:
Red Bull Int. / Swatch Int. / Vans Europe & KTM to name a few.

Flip through this page to get an idea, if we could help your biz to grow and contact us, if you have the feeling that this could be the start of a great partnership.


W e have years of expierence working on big international events
& delievering the magic moments globaly to the audiance that is
not on the venue.

    • On Site Communication Support for your invited Media
    • Online Communication Strategy
    • Text, Photo & Video Coverage

We aren’t a PR factory juggling dozens of accounts. As a network of specialist, we manage highly customized,

high touch programs that accelerate market awareness in the youth, sport market. Our team is able to develop brand specific PR campaigns and implement those in the core media for the youth market. We are not talking about product placements, winning games and all the other common PR tools. With our service you will experience communication possibilities for your brand, which have a true ROI. We are able to develop concepts for all media channels depending on your needs. How can we help you?


We call it Visual Art. The portfolio of our Freelance Photographers varies from World Press Award Winners over Reuters Photographers to the most notable Action Sports Photographers worldwide.

  • Event, Sport, Lifestyle Photography
  • Studio
  • Photo Post Production

From the eyes and years of experience in sport, commercial photography and graphic art our photographers will bring to bear their vast technical expertise and an adroit design sense to help you communicate your message. Using professional sport & commercial photography to do more than just capture a shot, our photographers work to reveal the inherent qualities of your company’s image. From vision to visual, the creative process unfolds, allying images with communicative designs and intriguing mediums. Our photographers deliver consistently more than you had hoped for, because that’s exactly how we measure success…



The world is in steady motion like our Freelance Camera Guys.
Focused on Action Sports our crew has worked on each continent
of the globe to capture unique frames and magic moments. You name it & we find the right team for your needs.

  • Webclips / Shortfilm / Commericials / Documentary
  • Sport Event Highlights / News Cut / Aearial / POV
  • Movie & Clip Post Production / After Effects

Our network consists of some of the top action sports cinematographers in the biz. With years of experience shooting on each continent of the planet in various conditions and situations. Whether you’re looking for: landscape, product shoots, time-lapses, moto x action, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, or any other core sport we can bring on the screen. Be it a short webclip, a full documentary, a highlight program, a news-cut or any other format, the goal is as always to deliever a unique masterpiece of art for our customers. We offer various crews & equipment depending on your needs. So let´s sit together and find out what you need to impress you audiance.



The progression on the WWW never stops and what´s good today can be outdated tommorow, so knowing what´s best in all the various digital areas is impossible for one person. Our crew divedes by topic and is specialized on the following core services:

  • Webside Design & Built
  • Social Media Marketing / Consulting
  • Search Engine Optimisation

We are an creative network of freelancers with over 10 years’ experience coupled with an in-depth knowledge of all things digital.
Whether it’s custom HTML5 builds with animation, rich media such as audio and video, e-commerce solutions, fully interactive and engaging blog sites with inbuilt social media functionality or beautifully designed brochure type sites we have the know-how to find tailored solutions for our clients without having to blow the budget. We have expert knowledge in open source content management systems (CMS) Joomla, Magento, Typo3 & WordPress and follow open standards, such as W3C specifications, including HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Enough said… Tell us what you are looking for and we find a solution for you!


Social media marketing (SMM) refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.
Our Social media marketing programs center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks and drives readers to your webpage.

With our customer specific SMM Your message spreads from user to user, so it appears to come from a trusted, third-party source, as opposed from your brand / company itself.

Means, it is driven by word-of-mouth and results in earned media rather than paid media. Increase your communication & brand value by interacting with Your customers through social media. Our services will ensure in a relatively inexpensive way that your campaign reaches the customers in a unique way.



Code is where the headache starts for most of us. We provide front-end coding services, we slice and code your designs into valid XHTML markup & CSS stylesheets. Upon receiving a design for your project, we’ll deliver XHTML and CSS files that match your design, making sure the PSD to HTML conversion is performed at the highest quality.

We offer the following services:
–    HTML5 + CSS3 Front-End Coding Services
–    Custom WordPress Themes
–    Mobile Site Templates
–    Custom Joomla, Typo3, Fatwire Templates
–    Newsletter & Email Templates

We rigorously test our sites with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera to match W3C standarts. So your visitor will see the site exactly like you designed it. Enough said on this complex topic… How can we help you?


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